Monday, June 30, 2014

Matchbox Photo Craft

Later this summer, our girls will be going on a trip with their grandparents.  We will be separated for eleven days, which is a lot of time when you are 5 years old.  And when you are the mother of two five year olds.  (And especially when you are the grandparents of two five year olds.)

While our girls are super excited about their trip and talk about it endlessly, there is a tiny bit of anxiety at the thought of such a long separation. One girl in particular has been asking if she can take a picture of us with her.  She is worried she will forget what we look like. 

Which reminded me of one of our favorite books.  You can tell we've read it A LOT.

Angel Child, Dragon Child is about a Vietnamese family who immigrate to the United States, but have to leave their mother behind for lack of money for her fare.   Ut is given a gift by her mother -- her picture hidden inside a small matchbox.  It is a way for Ut to remember her mother until she can be brought to the U.S.   I bet you can guess how the book ends. 

But onto to the matchbox photo project...

This was a fun and easy craft to complete with my girls.  Simply cover an empty matchbox in decorative paper using a glue stick.  We took a selfie on my phone for one matchbox and printed out a previously taken photo of their dad for the other box.  My computer has an option to print photos in a "contact sheet" form, which turned out to be the perfect size.  We cut the photos to fit and glued them to the inside of each matchbox.  One of my girls wanted to add ribbon, so we used packaging tape to stick a small pull tab to the inside of one box.

While I don't normally share crafts on this blog, I thought that this was a fun idea to pass along to those of you who have kids going off to camp, to visit family, or even to college this summer.  Come to think of it, a grandmother might love to carry a photo of her grandchildren in her purse as a sort of "brag box." 

When it's time for my girls to leave on their trip, I'll be sure to tuck a little gift inside.  Cash, candy, or maybe a little pebble with a red painted heart on it.


  1. This is amazing, as are your girls. What a sweet treasure that they can hold on to long after their summer trip.

  2. Beautiful photos, Camille! I'm going to do this for my kitties.

  3. Such a sweet idea. I love it! I'm sure your girls will have a great time with their grandparents.

  4. O Camille, that's so lovely and such a wonderful idea! Love it!
    All my best from Austria

  5. Oh those are so sweet! A little momento for the girls to treasure on their five days away. I love this idea so much!!

  6. These are so cute! I absolutely love them and what a wonderful momento for your girls to treasure on their five days away.


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