Monday, June 2, 2014

Kitchen Design Discussion


I'd like to point out several interesting design features of this kitchen.  The first is that the sink is not located under the window, as is standard.  Instead, the sink becomes a focal point by placing a round window above it, surrounded by open shelves.  It's hard to say whether that round window is actually a window into an interior room (note the curtains) or whether it is a mirror.   Who knows why the sink was moved away from the window.  Perhaps the view isn't wonderful -- maybe the window looks into a window of a neighboring house.  Or maybe it was easier to create a working triangle using the length, rather than the width of a room.  Definitely food for thought when it comes to kitchen design. 

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Also notice the wall mounted faucet.  It is actually mounted on a sort of box sitting on the counter top.  Why would this be?   We also have a wall mounted faucet in our kitchen.  When we had our house inspected before we bought it, the inspector mentioned that wall mounted faucets can be a problem because when they leak, there is no way to know until the leak has done major damage.  Mounting a faucet on a box that juts out from the wall allows access to fittings under the sink, rather than having to tear into the wall to get to pipes.

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What else?  I like the wood table mounted to the island not only because it introduces the visual warmth of wood into the kitchen, it also would feel warmer to the touch than stone -- something that would make a difference in the winter during mealtime.

Last, the rounded back Louis XVI chairs offer a bit of repetition in the room as they mirror the shape of the window above the sink. 

Wish I knew where the fridge was located.  If this were your kitchen, where would you put it?


  1. I like that little window too but I don't think there's a curtain on it. I think the curtains are on windows that are on the same plane as the kitchen window. I'd love to see more of the house. I would bet there's a view to another window or perhaps the front door.

    I like the "box" around the faucet. It would be a good way to resolve plumbing on an outside wall in a cold climate. Perhaps I can use that in my upstair bathroom.

    1. I agree, I think those curtains are what we see as we look through the window into another room, or what we see in the reflection, if it is a mirror. Didn't make that very clear in my writing!

  2. The fridge could be under the counter. Or, like in my kitchen, it could be outside of the work triangle to reduce congestion.

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  5. Hi Camille! Do you know the original source of the kitchen? Have you ever contemplated doing an "ask the designer" feature? I think that would be really cool because you bring up a lot of really good points that we have to infer here. We always joke that we're great material for a "before" video clip of our kitchen not performing up to our needs. At times I'm crammed in trying to make coffee, we've got the dishwasher open trying to unload, and at times a high chair with a 11 month old having breakfast - imagine that :) We need a new layout whenever the time comes.

  6. hmmm this is an interesting one Camille. I'm coming from a kitchen where the sink was not in front of a window, and it was a requirement in our new house that it be placed in front of one next time. Ive never actually had a kitchen sink in front of the window and Ive always wanted one. Even in our home growing up, our kitchen was place in front of a pass through that faced the family room. I long for the days I can gaze out the window into the garden to see what's ready for harvesting.

  7. Just catching up on your recent posts and I love this one! What a beautiful kitchen. I have to admit I would much prefer to look out a window at a bad view than look at a wall when I'm doing dishes. You can always improve the view out of a window. I love the idea of a box to do a wall mount. Great post again!


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