Thursday, May 8, 2014

More of the Dining Room

Here are a few more pictures of the dining room that I didn't include in last post. 

Here is built-in sideboard shown in previous posts.  You might recognize that mirror in the niche from the kitchen in our old apartment.  When I first saw this sideboard, I knew it would be the perfect spot to hold the blue and white transferware that had been stored in boxes for five years as we moved from rental to rental.

The transferware was made by Spode in England.  It was given to me because the pattern is called "Camilla."  I've been living without it for so long, that I forget to use it.  Easter would have been the perfect opportunity.

 I have another sideboard in the dining room.  Also a family piece.  It holds most of my dining linens and crafting supplies.  The top of the sideboard is a piece of marble.  I should have taken photos of it, because it's a good example of how marble can stain, chip, and pit over time.  You could either call that damage or patina.  I think I'll call it the latter.  :)

 Across from the wooden sideboard is my girls' play kitchen.  It lives here for want of another spot in our tiny house.  But it turns out to be a great spot since the adults can sit and chat and the kids can make pretend food to serve to us.   Since this photo was taken, I've removed the girl-made pizza parlor sign and put up these wedding photos of the four great-grandparents as seen in the dining room of our previous apartment:

That dropleaf table under the photos is what we are currently using as our dining table.  
 I recently removed the top, rotated it 90 degrees on the frame, reattached it, and removed the gatelegs.  
You can see how it makes leg room more possible in the after photo.  Guests were constantly kicking the legs, and putting two chairs on that side of the table felt awkward.  I've saved the gatelegs in case I ever want to return the table to a dropleaf.  But this works so much better for now.

 Also since the photo was taken, I've added more white curtains to the bare window.  (No pictures yet.)  I'm undecided about the curtains, as I kind of like seeing the bare windows.  I am thinking more and more about using white roller shades within the frame so that they visually disappear when up. 

Something like this, perhaps:

 Do you see the roller shades?

Would that mean removing the curtains from the other window in my dining room?  I'm not sure yet...but I can think of another place to use both sets.


  1. I would never have noticed those roller shades. You get such great light in your house, I think that's a great idea. That sideboard is a honey of a piece and I love the 'kitchen'. Anything that keeps little ones occupied so adults can chat I'm in favor of. :)

  2. I love roller shades. We just installed them on the clearstory windows in the bedroom. If not for having a ring at the bottom to grab them with the hook pole, you probably wouldn't notice them. And you wouldn't need the ring on the dinning room windows. I got mine at select I think it was about $100.00 for the three of them.

    Also, How clever to turn the table top. I can't stand my drop-leaf for the very reason that the legs are always in the way.

  3. I like roller shades and pleated honeycomb shades...we have several I our home in windows that are mostly open but I like to be able to close at night for privacy...both just disappear. Love the built in full of transfer ware...divine!

  4. I'm with you on the roller shades. It's easy to dismiss them because it seems too easy of a solution but I don't think there's a simpler or better one for making them invisible when they're open. Pretty photo on the dining room too.

  5. SO so gorgeous Camille. Love your beautiful dishware and my gah those floors are amazing. Such a perfectly cozy home:)

  6. I absolutely love your dining room!! It all looks fantastic and those chairs are so fabulous!!

  7. i love the idea of white shades. are you still loving the chairs? i'm thinking of getting a set since i've been on the hunt for windsors awhile now!

  8. Hi Desiree, I still do love the chairs. We've only been sitting on them for a month now, but we think they are very comfortable and sturdy. Because they are black, they show crumbs and spills easily, but I've found that they are easily wiped down. No issue with chipping paint either. Would buy them again in a heartbeat!

  9. I love your home and the light that comes in! Great job Camille. xo Nancy


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