Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's time again for the Rockridge Kitchen Tour!

photo credit:  Natalie Mehta

Every two years, the planning council in my neighborhood of Oakland, California hosts a kitchen tour featuring 8 to 10 recently remodeled kitchens in our historic craftsman neighborhood.

The above photo of the 2011 Rockridge Kitchen Tour is one of the most pinned pictures on this blog.   This kitchen was created with Ikea cabinets boxes to which custom fronts were added.  As can happen with Ikea kitchens, there was some leftover space next to the fridge, so the contractor suggested it be used as a set of cookbook shelves.  How clever!

That's the beauty of these kitchen tours.  Led by a docent with full knowledge of the remodel process, it is fascinating to see how the spaces in each home were used, how problems were dealt with, and there are always tons of clever and beautiful details to file away.
A kitchen on this year's tour.  photo credit:  Kelly Patrick Dugan

If you are local to the Bay Area, you can pre-purchase tickets for the September 29th event here.   Proceeds go to the Rockridge Community Planning Council and are used to support a wide range of community activities.

And if you are interested in volunteering to be a docent, please contact Nancy at docents@rockridge.org  
There are perks including a pre-tour of all the kitchens plus a complimentary ticket for the day of the event!


  1. Beautiful kitchen! I may have to driver over to check out the tour this year!

  2. I adore this kitchen and that the tile is only over the stove, and love the marble slab backsplash! and the variety in cabinetry! LOVE this.
    xo Nancy

  3. I love the hardwood floor! And I really like how the island stands out as a dark wood install rather than going all white. And those backsplashes are simply gorgeous! I wish I had a kitchen like that.

    IPQ Construction


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