Monday, July 29, 2013

Board and Batten Siding

I've always been enamored with all things inside the house, so it surprises me that I've been so devoted lately to exteriors.  My Outside board on Pinterest started out as a measly little thing, but has grown to gigantic proportions:  351 pins to date.  Only my kitchen board tops that. 

I really ought to separate it into more specific categories like Gardens, Porches, Architecture, etc.  But until then, I've combed through a huge number of pins for this post.  It's only recently that I've noticed I've been pinning an awful lot of houses with board and batten siding. 

 This is a simple facing, but I absolutely love the way it looks.  Especially if painted white and paired with black roofs, trim, lighting, or hardware. 

I see board and batten a lot in Northern California.  Here, the ranch house reigns in the newer (read: post 1940s) communities.   Love it paired with a metal roof, like in this photo of a newly built Sonoma ranch house.   This is architecture done right. 

 Here is a similar look at an inn in Napa Valley. You have to look closely to see the board and batten.

It definitely has a bit of a modern farmhouse feel.  Board and batten looks great paired with gravel.

 Love it here too with the stone base.  (I'm sure there's a name for the band going around the bottom portion of the house, but I can't think of it right now!)

More white board and batten paired with a metal roof.  Raise your hand if you'd like to have this outdoor fireplace.

 Love the board and batten on this little outbuilding. 

 Kelley of The Polished Pebble has white painted board and batten on the exterior of her Southern California house, as seen here in Country Living.

 Another porch. 

 Here is an example of board and batten paired with a shingled roof.

 And another shingled roof.  Board and batten is simple enough, that with traditional black shutters, it still pairs well this rustic table and chairs. 

I absolutely love this board and batten entry with the black door, overhead light, and gravel. 

 Here's another example with a painted black screen door. 

Board and batten siding looks great in other colors too:

black with white trim
dark green with white trim

Even various shades of grey.

So there you have it.   A little taste of my board and batten heaven. :)

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  1. Hi Camille, love all these inspiration pics. Do you remember the home published in Cottage Living back in Sept 2008. I still have a copy of the magazine. Think it was one of the editor's home. Anyway, they did a similar look with their home and I still love it even five years later.

  2. OK...yellow door...yes
    Dark paint on outside of house...yes
    Galvanized planter...need
    Pretty much all of the above.

  3. Totally. Modern farmhouse look, I am so there. I already have a few of these on my boards (no surprise!) and will be pinning more!


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