Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Mexico Architecture

I recently returned from a trip to New Mexico and thought I'd share with you a few photos of glorious architecture (at least in my mind) from my home state, both houses found via Su Casa magazine.

This Albuquerque house was designed and built in 1937 by "the father of Santa Fe style", John Gaw Meem.   The New York architect came to New Mexico's arid climate in the 1920s to treat his tuberculosis and designed sleeping porches like this as part of the treatment.   Note the combination of rustic and formal elements that characterize this Territorial Revival style.  The vigas (beams) and corner kiva fireplace blend well with pedimented exterior windows and French doors.  You can read more about this meticulously restored house by clicking on either photo.

Also featured in Su Casa magazine is this contemporary adobe Santa Fe area house belonging to New Mexico builder Andrew Greer.  (I can't look at this room without thinking of Ina Garten's barn, by the way.)

According to the article, Mr. Greer "seems to have internalized the gestalt of New Mexico village architecture."  Having grown up there, I couldn't agree more.  If I were ever to build a house in New Mexico, Andrew Greer would be my guy!

Note those pedimented windows!
 Because on my list of dream home ideas is a very simple portal covering at least two sides of the house, like this.

I think my love for rustic and antique, white and simple mixed with formal must come from being raised a New Mexican.  Both of these houses feel like home.  


  1. we just booked tickets for our annual southwest summer trip! eeeek Camille, I love it so much, and these pictures made me even more excited. I love places that have a Georgia Okeefe southwest vibe... raw and not overdone. ...focused on simple forms and texture

  2. So pretty Camille. I especially love the all white living room with the natural beams on the ceiling...fantastic! Some of these remind me of Mary Emmerling...remember her? She had great Santa Fe style in her home there.

  3. Beautiful photos...I adore that blue ceiling! I have never been to Sante Fe but would love to visit there some time.

  4. Just beautiful. Having only ever lived on the east coast, it's always interesting to see architecture that is quintessentially southwest since it seems so foreign. It looks like a beautiful place to get away to. Hope you've been well, Camille!

  5. Beautiful! It's interesting to see the parallels with older New England architecture but with different materials. The pedimented casings are a particular surprise; it's a common casing used in Greek Revivals. The turquoise porch ceiling is also wonderful.

  6. I love those homes. The corner fireplace is lovely!

  7. What a beautiful spot. It has been soo long since I've been out West. These pics make me want to take a trip!

  8. Ahh Camille! It's so wonderful to see you posting again. I've missed you:) The architecture is beautiful. I think what I love beat about them all is the pure simplicity of the spaces. There's such a connection between nature and an emphasis on really textural materials in southwestern homes. It's refreshing. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. the white and wood together.


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