Monday, March 4, 2013

Look Alikes XIII

My friend, Lane, has accused me of having a photographic memory for interiors, and I think 
she might be right.  

It is a completely useless skill.  

Why can't I, for example, remember the exact copy of a text book page?

Now that would be a good skill to have. 

Anyway, I just came across this living room on Pinterest and followed the link through to find what I suspected.  The design is from the L.A. firm Nickey Kehoe.   What tipped me off is the stool on the right.  It's pretty unusual, isn't it?

You might remember it from this House Beautiful photo featuring a Nickey Kehoe design project.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that the first photo was taken in the same house.  What other similarities can you see?

Here's another recent look alike that started on Pinterest. 

This one comes from Flourish Design + Style.  The blogger/desiger, Sarah Swanson, is quoted on this page of the Hinkley Lighting catalog.    There is no way I could forget that gorgeous black window and the double sink console. 

I knew just where to find it -- on my Pinterest Bathroom board:


Oh, look at that!  The sconces were changed for the Hinkley catalog.   I think I like the Hinkley ones better.

And I also never knew, until I saw the first photo, that the mirror hanging against the wall is an inlay mirror.  I'm a huge fan of inlay...

Speaking of which, I'm embarking on my third inlay stenciling project soon (see first and second here).  This time it will be a small two-drawer chest and we'll be selling it on our shop.

By the way, the above bathroom is probably in my top five favorites.  Which reminds me that I'd better choose another room for the next in my series.

Hmm, maybe it will be the bathroom...


  1. Ha! You are not alone Camille...I have the same ability/affliction! I love that bathroom...and those groovy chevron pants Sarah Swanson is wearing! Love your inlay stencils cool!

  2. You're definitely the interiors savant!

    That's a pretty cool chair in the first two photos--I also see the edge of the same sofa--but certainly not a sit-back-and-chill chair.

  3. A savant, indeed! I guess you just commit to memory what interests you!

  4. OK, now you're just freaking me out! Please promise you will only use your powers for good and not evil.

    And so excited you are doing another inlay! I found a gorgeous inspiration photo of some inlay chairs I wanted to share with you. I may have to commission them from you someday...

  5. Great eye Camille. I don't think I would have spotted that. I'm doing well to recognize the home of a blogger I've read for years when I see the home in a magazine! You're still young...enjoy that good memory! #menopausememory :)

  6. You eagle eye! I probably wouldn't notice any of this. I know who to call when I need a design detective!

  7. Great catch, Camille! I can't wait to see your next inlay project!! Hope life is treating you well!

  8. It's nice to have a good memory so when you get old. Sometimes I can't remember why I walked into a room:)
    I think that bathroom actually belongs to Jill Sharp Brinson who is a stylist for Ballard Design.


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