Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Favorites

Hello Friends!

Just checking in since I didn't have a chance to do two posts this week like I normally like to do.  So while I have a few minutes today, I thought I'd share some photos of interiors that I've been drawn to lately.

 This is photo of the Fat Radish in NYC.  Love the leather handles on the cabinets and look how the map is hung.  Had it just been tacked up as a poster on the tiled wall, it would not have nearly as much presence.  You've got the texture of wood, rope, and iron to add to the pattern and color of the map.  I think I might try to duplicate something like this in our shop.

Guess I'm really loving maps and worn wood lately...

When I pinned this photo with the description "sink on the side" my sister commented that it would be a awkward to use.  Well, I can see her point.  But I have to say that I enjoy seeing spaces used differently.  Look how the pendants are hung too. 

I'm pretty in love with this pantry.  It reminds me of something you'd find on an old sailing ship, minus the breakables up on shelves, of course.

I'm sure many of you read about these vintage school house stools found on 1st Dibs for House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Month.  The island was designed around them so that they tuck under.  As a mother, I really can't think of a more practical choice for cleaning up the floor underneath.

So, I'm putting it out to the world:  Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Ballard Designs, you all would be wise to duplicate and manufacture this stool.  And for that matter, an island they could safely attach to.  I think they'd sell like hotcakes.

Moving away from kitchens, this is one I've been meaning to show for awhile. I'm pretty sure those are coffee filters on the wall.  I really like them.

And that brings me to the point of this post -- coffee filters in decorating can be a bit too sweet, frilly, or cutesy for my decorating taste.  Rustic/country can really easily run in two different directions and I'm finding I'm much more attracted to the more serious, spare, and modern (and neutral) variety.  Which I'm sure is evident in these photos. 

It's been such a busy few weeks.  I'm really missing reading and commenting on blogs and am hoping to get some time to do that this weekend. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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  1. Interesting looks, Camille -- there's something so simple about the rustic. Especially when it's done right.
    xo Heidi

  2. I love the map we put in the stairwell. I smile each time I pass by. And those swing stools from House Beautiful were one of my favorite things of this month's issue.

  3. I've been utterly obsessed with those tuck in stools since I very first saw them - so ideal for a small kitchen - and perfect for the beach house!!

  4. There is just something so warm and cozy about worn wood. And those stools attached to the island...that is pure genius. You are so right...someone needs to start making those...they will sell like crazy!

    Hope you're having a good weekend Camille!

  5. I love that stool idea...really smart, practical and hey looks good too. I am with you on the cutesy. I get tired of that rather quickly. It intrigues me how our style can evolve into something so different yet at the same time you see yourself going back to some of what you loved before in an updated version. Does that make sense? possibly not. ;)

  6. I'm pretty sure I could find a place for that map in the first image!


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