Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twin Beds for the Guest Room?

We had guests this weekend.

My girls' room
In our two bedroom place, we put guests in our twin girls' room with the twin beds.  (The girls sleep in sleeping bags on our floor of our room and love it.)

Twin beds are kind of ideal for a guest bedroom because it's easy to accommodate a non-couple.

And it's certainly possible to remove the "little kid" feel of twin beds if you want something more sophisticated.

This room feels a tad girly, but it's still grown up and I love how the headboard wraps the corner to make the bed seem like a chaise.

Regardless, there's something so pleasing about the symmetry of two matching beds.  How great are the benches at the end?  The perfect spot to put a suitcase.

I like the ledges built-in ledges behind each bed here.

An L-shaped arrangement is perfect for a sleeping porch, but takes up very little visual space in any room.

I adore this rustic twin bedroom.

This one is a favorite too.

The one down-fall to twin vs. a double or queen bed is that there are two sets of sheets and blankets to change and wash rather than one. 

And I do have a lingering question:  If you were staying as a couple in a guest bedroom with twin beds, would it bother you?


  1. Love the inspiration pictures! And I agree, it is way more versatile to have twin beds in a guest room. The summer house that my family owns at the beach is set up that way so that might be why it seems so natural. I have stayed there w/ my husband and it's been totally fine.


  2. I love that you touched on this topic Camille. I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with our guest room and I've been pondering twin beds for some time now. The problem I have with pur room is that it's pretty small so I don't want to overwhelm it with a queen/double bed. I also question whether it will be weird for couples to share the room if there are twin beds rather than a double? What to do...what to do?

  3. It wouldn't bother me one bit! A pair of twin beds work for non-couples and couples alike...making them far more versatile for any guest you have. Sure, the extra set of bedding is more work, but it comes with the territory of hosting! Love the images you shared.

  4. Love matching twin beds! Actually I just posted pics of my boys' room finally. Check it out...twin beds, baby! (love that first image)

  5. As your girls already have twin beds, you might consider using a queen simply because it gives you the most flexibility of room configuration - they can sleep in either room when a guest comes. But then I went back and thought about your post - and realized that maybe this was actually a hypothetical question? Twin beds always look lovely and any couple can sleep separately for a few nights - or they can have a bit of excitement cosy-ing (shall we say) in one twin.

  6. I'm thinking about doing this in my guest room, too -- more flexibility, I think, in accommodations! Great inspiration pics, Camille. :)
    xo Heidi

  7. No! My husband snores and I'm selfish...I want all the covers!

  8. I love twin beds in a guest room! I had them in my last guest room and they were great. Love the options they provide, but even more I love the way they look. Your girls' room is adorable.

  9. We recently stayed with friends at their country home and were given a room with twin beds. They felt we would be more comfortable since the other guest room had a double bed, not queen. I really did not mind....I mean really, we were just sleeping! We actually ended up giggling for the first part of the night....felt like kids again. :) However, that said, the room was certainly not kid-like, it was elegant and lovely. Nope, it all works for me.

  10. I like the idea of two twins for kid's rooms especially when they are old enough to have sleepovers. We just recently purchased a double mattress for our guest room. Most of the time our guests are from out of state who stay a bit (since they travel a distance to get here) and they are typically married (with kids) so I think they appreciate a double bed. But, I love the look of twin beds.

  11. Wow--I have to visit your pinterest board with all these images--gorgeous!! So much eye candy. I love that rustic one too. I have to say, I come from a long line of Steel Magnolias where hospitality was key and there were always twin beds in the guest room. Actually my grandmother, great grandmother, great aunt, etc all had twin beds in the guest room. I think that was traditionally what you were supposed to do where they came from and so twin beds always seem right to me. It also seems better to err on the side of making a couple split up for a few nights than making a non-couple sleep together. Plus, it sure looks good!

    Thanks again for some great inspiration!


  12. I don't think there's anything more charming than twin beds. I wouldn't have an issue with them being separate--you could always push them together if you wanted--but I might have an issue with them being too short if they had a foot board. I guess it all depends who your typical guests are.

    Beautiful images though. Makes me want to do them but with small rooms, two twins still takes up more floor space than a queen. I'd love to find an extra long double actually.

  13. I was thinking about twin beds instead of a queen! We must be thinking alike- I just posted about my guest bedroom!

  14. I love the way they look, but I do feel they're not practical when you mostly have couples coming to stay. But if I were the sole visitor, I'd love to stay in any of these rooms! Besides looking great, the other bed makes a great spot for laying out clothes, etc.

  15. I've always loved twin beds that meet in a corner. My neighbor growing up had two twins and one slid partially under a square Parson's style corner table when not being used. I thought that was the coolest thing.


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