Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eclectic House Tour

I recently went to the home of one of our clients to take photos of a few projects (like the refurbished rocker you see on the porch) we've recently completed. I was so blown away by her house, I asked and was granted permission to take photos for a house tour.

This coyote howling at the oval mirror moon is what greets you as you walk in the front door.  It's just a taste of this colorful, personality-filled Craftsman era house in Oakland, California.

From the entry hall you are led directly into the dining room:

 The eyeglasses on the wall are from an old optometry shop.  I covet them.  I think every formal dining room needs a pig on the table too.

You may have seen this photo in a previous post, but our client ordered this custom ladder for her quilt collection.  Is that not the best wallpaper you've ever seen?

From the dining room, you enter the eat-in kitchen with this little seating area at the end of it. 

And here we are looking in the opposite direction.

A peek from the eating area into the kitchen.  Yes, that's a huge glass of milk you see on the wall.

Ding! Order's up.

As you exit the kitchen from this doorway, you are led back into the entry hall.  I opened that little door on the left to show you that they have a dumbwaiter.

And just a little further down the hall is the elevator.   The sign above it says "lift."

On the other side of the entry hall is the living room.  This is the view you get as you walk in.

If I had to pick a shelter magazine to match the style of this house, it would be Elle Decor.

I love this turquoise painted sunroom at the end.  Our client painted the ceiling gold. Which echos the huge gold coffee table in the living room.  We're not in prime bouganvillea blooming season here in the Bay Area, but you can probably imagine that vine you see through the windows bursting with hot pink blossoms (called bracts) in the summer. 

Let's head back to the entry hall and go upstairs.

Here we are in the upstairs hall with some of our client's gorgeous collection of rugs and more huge art.

I've said it before, but I adore bathrooms with vintage tile.  I'm so glad they haven't redone this bathroom.  It's perfect.  How cool as that mirror on the floor?

A beautiful display of jewelry in the bathroom, which is big enough to put a piece of furniture in.  You don't find that much these days...

The master bedroom.

My favorite shot of the bunch.  Her textile collection is unbelievable. 

And finally a shot of the powder room back downstairs.  I do love a teensy corner sink.

Here's the pretty scene just above the sink in front of the window.

There are a number of other rooms in this house, but I didn't include pictures of them all, though they were just as creative and collected.

I love seeing an historic house filled with treasures and fearless decorating.

I hope you are inspired to put a huge glass of milk on your wall. 


  1. Totally blown away! I can't even pick a favorite part--maybe the dining and living room areas? Those glasses on the wall are fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh my gosh Camille! What a beautiful home. I normally love all woodwork painted white but I'm so glad they did NOT paint all that glorious wood! And the! I'm just working on a post begging home sellers to stop taking out beautiful tile and putting granite everywhere. I LOVE all that old! So many awesome things in this house...the elevator, the dumbwaiter, the beautiful textiles on the bed...great mixing of pattern. Thanks for this afternoon treat :) xo

  3. OMG....where to start. Vintage rugs, antiques posters, fabulous lamps and I mean the yellow lamp and oh the blue ceramics, and that coffee table and that hallway..... AMAZING. I love it when place is filled with such personality!! No 'cookie-cutter' attitude in their blood!! Exciting.

  4. What a house! She does such an excellent job of mixing antique and mid-century. Love it!!

  5. What an amazing house! The woodwork is gorgeous but I do love the fearless way they have tackled the decorating. Your ladder for the quilts is an amazing addition--just perfect!

  6. What an awesome house! I love all the different rugs, the huge art, vintage furniture... to die for. It's so comfortable and inviting.

  7. Great home tour - and yes, it's indeed eclectic! Thanks to you and to the owner for sharing it with us. Like you, I love tiny, vintage corner sinks! I wish more people valued "old" things instead of making everything new. This house has amazing woodwork and it's great they haven't painted it. Really interesting and personal decorating too.

  8. Everything about this home is amazing. I especially love the bright colored textiles, the pop of turquoise in the bathroom and sun room. Such wonderful details throughout.


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