Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Cozy Guest Room

To follow-up on my previous post about guest bedrooms, I thought I'd post this handy-dandy visual I found sometime ago on Pinterest.  

If I were to give myself a grade for the quality of our guest bedroom (aka my girls' room) based on this chart, it would be a big, fat F. I've got numbers 2,3,5, and 9, so that's four out of thirteen.  There's definitely room for improvement!


  1. But think of all the toys your guests get to play with! Honestly, Camille, I can't imagine you lacking at all in the hostess department...


  2. *** G' morning! Good timing, Camille, as we have houseguests right now!!!

    ...My "check-list" is pretty much the same, altho, MAY I SUGGEST that you keep candle(s) UNscented? I adore candles lit before WE go to bed, but my husband doesn't care for scented ones... might be he same with your guests! Besides the reading light, I keep a flashlight AND a "book lite" (that attaches to the book) in the first drawer of the first nightstand/"desk". Their bathrooom is quite large, so a "coffee/tea" tray w/ all needed condiments & juices/beverages & mini snacks, of all sorts, are in the small fridge below that.

    Our guests have always commented on the 6, pre-stamped postcards of the desert, placed at the nightstand/desk with an old OR relatively old or extra-fun visit of the four of us.

    Our dearest friends, who yearly visit to escape the WINTER'S SNOW, have a basket on their bed containing two golf hats from our CC, "rubber sandals", SUN-BLOCK and ALWAYS 2 pair of the SILLIEST SUNGLASSES I can find!

    Happy Friday!
    Linda in Arizona

  3. Perfect timing, Camille! I've got a guest room makeover on my HOme Goals list this year! Thanks for sharing. :)
    xo Heidi

  4. That's a great visual! I have a lot of those things but still have a way to go to getting an A. :) I bought this really cool pitcher + glass set to leave on the nightstand for water, and I was SO excited about it, but not one of my guests have ever used it. I'm always trying to push it on them too, like: "There's a pitcher for water! it's right there! You might want to use it!" :)

    Kelly @ View ALong the Way

  5. This is a perfect visual! My guest room also fails ;-( Pinning immediately.

  6. Hi Camille! What and awesome post. If you think your guest room is bad, mine would seriously take home the prize for worst guest room EVER. It's literally filled to the brim with junk. No bed or anything romotely indicative of guests or even a room for that matter! Ill be sure to keep this list in mind when I finally get it together!

  7. I have to say my guest room is quite the sight right now. It is freezing so we bought big stiff sheets of insulation which are just balanced against the walls and block the windows. But it does make it less chilly. Also, when we were going through Auntie's things, I was on the telephone and Auntie pulled out a little pitcher cup combo deal and I saw Alethea ask for it. I was so disappointed because I knew I really needed one. Well as soon as I got off the phone, Alethea told me she had asked for the pitcher but wanted to keep it a my house because my guest room really needed one.


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