Friday, December 7, 2012

Laura's House Tour Part II

If you missed part 1 of Laura's house tour, you can click here.

Today we're starting in the dining room again.  The beautiful, ornate hall tree belonged to Laura's dad.  A perfect place for a terrarium filled with air plants.  To the right is a peek into her office.  

And here is Laura's office, where she stores columns and large urns for wedding work.  The yellow bunting is made from dyed cheese cloth strips attached to rope -- a technique she sometimes uses for wedding decoration. 

Another of Laura's beautiful displays.

Rope, an old pair of scissors, and a straw hat.  What more do you need?

Laura recently hung this old wooden tool box on the wall to house little collections of things.  What a great idea!

Another globe in her collection. 

As you come out of the office, you head into the kitchen with its painted white and black checkered floors.  That sink in the back is part of the butler's pantry, which I will show in a minute. 

Laura had open shelves long before they became popular.  The back splash is stainless steel and the counter tops are butcher block.

She is the only person I know, besides my mom, who can get their orchids to re-bloom.

I love how Laura took advantage of that bit of wall space to use a stainless steel cart for eat-in-the-kitchen meals.  It also makes a great place for guests to hang out while Laura cooks.  (Note the wall clock with hanging cord I mentioned in part 1.)  To the left, you have another peek into the butler's pantry.

The name "butler's pantry" cracks Laura up.  She says that in a 1000 square foot house, who needs (or can afford) a butler?   Still, it is full of vintage charm with the wall faucet and built-in cabinets.  The skirted under sink space also makes for a nice place to tuck the kitty litter box. 

The tile on the counter tops is original, and you can see more of Laura's pottery and glass collection on the open shelves.

And finally, Laura's bedroom. 

Laura is a studio floral designer, meaning that she works in a studio rather than a shop.  Here she is in the door of her garden shed which acts as her studio.  I wanted to get more photos of her garden and of the inside of her studio, but ran out of time! 

Thanks, Laura, for allowing me to take pictures of your adorable home!

Hope you all enjoyed the tour. 


  1. She is so great at styling, I can only imagine how wonderful her flower arrangements are.

  2. She has got so much style! Thanks for sharing.


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