Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Laura's House Tour Part I

So excited today to share a tour of a house oozing with vintage charm and character in Oakland, California.  Homeowner, Laura, is a studio floral designer, friend, and sometimes my boss when she hires me to help during wedding season. 

Come on in!

As you walk into the 1922 Craftsman style house, you enter the dining room, complete with built-in window seat, leaded glass china cupboard, and fireplace. 

Laura says it felt immediately like home, even before she saw the inside. 

Most of the original features are intact.  Laura says that she has done minimal work to the place -- only updating it with a bit of paint. 

An avid collector, Laura has been visiting flea markets since she was 19.   Many pieces of her collection are used for floral design, and a lot of what she has was once in the flower shop she owned in L.A. before moving to the Bay Area.

This bookshelf once resided in her flower shop, but now holds most of her photos.  Laura says that because her house is small, she prefers to keep them all in one place and mix them up with other things that have special meaning, like sand and beach glass from Hawaii, and special treasures given to her by her nephew.

She has also been a long-time collector of globes and vintage cameras.  

Just off the dining room is the living room. 

The painting is a flea market find and most of the colors in Laura's house are intuitively pulled from this single piece.  

Here is another amazing collection of yellow and green pottery housed in an old lawyer's bookcase from Laura's dad.  The coffee table/chest is from her grandmother. 

Laura is a master at creating vignettes.  This is a little grouping full of bits and baubles she liked with a spur from her horse-riding days.

Laura tells me that she doesn't know where her obsession for vintage clocks came from.  She has them all over the house, including wall clocks with dangling cords.  People often ask her why they aren't plugged in, which amuses her as much as people's reaction to her doll parts, like the legs you see in the bird cage. 
The kitties have found a sunny spot in the living room. 

And here we are looking back into the dining room again.

On Friday, I'll show pictures of the rest of Laura's house.  Hope you've enjoyed part 1 of the tour, and be sure to check out Laura's website to see photos of the stunning floral work she creates for weddings. 


  1. Enjoyed the tour very much! I'm drooling over her collection of pottery (I'm a huge fan of it and collect McCoy and other art pottery). Love the built-ins with leaded glass doors. Gorgeous! The display of globes and cameras is fun too! Looking forward to part 2.

  2. What a beautiful home! I'm a such for a great Craftsman, and her colors are beautiful. Her pottery collection is pretty amazing too.

  3. Be still my heart. Another avid pottery collector! I am truly envious (of the collections, the kitties, and all the light in her amazing home).

  4. Are you kidding me? I love everything! The pottery, the globes, the cameras, the clocks, the cats. Even the doll legs in the bird cage are a little bit of humor I love in a room. The globes and cameras installation is pure genius!

    I think my mother gave my fraternal twin away!

  5. LOVE THIS. What an awesome tour! She has some great architectural features in that house!

  6. What a charming and cozy home Laura has...oh and a pretty cool name too! Thanks for sharing...

  7. Beautiful and charming home. Love that painting and the colors in it...I can see why she would use those pretty. That's an impressive pottery collection. I really like her style. And the built-ins are great! Can't wait to see the rest of the house.

  8. I love Laura's house, it reminds me of my first house, a craftsman built in 1923. I collect McCoy and various other potteries from that period too, love that they are displayed by color. She has such a nice comfortable, pleasing style, in her home and in her floral designs. I admire her as a fellow floral design artist.

  9. Such a cute house! She has a great eye and I love all her collections. Also the blue tile on the fireplace is gorgeous!

  10. What a fun tour! Loving all the collections!


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