Thursday, November 29, 2012

Touches of Christmas

Since we're traveling to my home state of New Mexico for the holiday season, I'm adding only a few small Christmas touches to the house.  The big one being the boxwood wreath in our window.

That huge overstuffed chair on the left has been sitting in a neglected corner of the living room until I could get rid of it -- which I had been putting off.  But I had to do some rearranging to do a photoshoot of some recent stuff for our business.  (Photos coming soon.)  I think it will stay there for awhile.   We're in the market for a new sofa and I think we're going to bite the bullet and get a sectional.  In which case, both pieces of upholstery will go. 

So my bamboo chairs, which were sitting where the overstuffed chair is now got moved for this spare scene.
Sort of an ode to New Mexico.  Remember those tumbleweed looking pillows from Ikea years ago?  I still love them, but neglected to notice that the one on the right was turned sideways when I took the photo. :)  

My mom gave me these pretty yellow beeswax candles a few years ago for my vintage brass candle collection.   They're almost too pretty to burn!

And to my Nambe bowl, I added a few simple pine cones and a brass ornament that never got packed away last year.

Nope, still haven't painted the brick on the fireplace like I've been talking about doing for ages, but I did take down my fall mantel display. 

And I now have a few empty vessels which will soon be filled with greenery and maybe some berries.

That's going to do it for Christmas decorating this year.  I want to keep it simple and natural.  My goal is to keep the boxes of decorations and ornaments packed away since we only have a few short weeks to enjoy these decorations before we leave. 

And actually, before our plans changed and we decided to go home, I was going to do a simple Christmas anyway.  My aunt and uncle always do a beautiful natural tree strung only with tons of small, white Christmas lights.  They add no other decoration, and it is stunning.  My plan was to copy that idea this year, but it will have to wait for next! 


  1. Pretty. And simpler is always better. It leaves time for the important things.

  2. I love simple natural decor.... And yours look so pretty! Your living room is arranged so well and I love your striped pillows. I think the simple tree idea with lots of lights sounds really neat- would love to see photos!

  3. I love the simplicity of a tree with just lights. Wonder if my kids would go for that? :)

    Love your house, as always.

  4. Only you, dear Camille, can make simplicity as captivating as a space filled with interesting bits and bobs. Though you won't be celebrating the holidays in the Bay Area, I know it will mean more to be with your family.

  5. So pretty! I like simple decorations anyways. We go away too and our house is still too "under construction" to even bother with christmas day though!
    I think I spy our matching bamboo chairs!

  6. It all looks so pretty! i am in love with your yellow candles with the vintage brass holders :)

  7. Love your boxwood wreath. I want to do the same thing in my big bay window, how did you hang it?

  8. I love how you've hung the boxwood wreath from ribbon attached to the sides of the window frame rather than straight down from the top. I'm also honored that you would want to "copy" our simple white-lights-only tree.

  9. I love that cow skull Camille.. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
    xo Nancy

  10. I have not done a thing last install is on the 19th and my LR is full of stuff for it! We also go out of town the day with just the 2 of us it almost seems pointless. I can usually manage to get a wreath up though. Love the small vignettes you shared with us.


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