Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I still have never shown pictures of the master bedroom, and this blog has been up and running for nearly two years now.  Here's a little sneak shot.  I just returned those ikat shams you see in the back there.  I've been looking for some way to bring more gold from my vintage chevron blanket to the top of the bed, but meh.  It just wasn't doing it for me.  Maybe this means it's time to get rid of the blanket.  One day I will make an upholstered headboard.  One day...

 Did you know that you can sign up for weekly episodes from Canadian House and Home's Online TV to be sent to your inbox?

I really enjoy them.  Especially because we're some of those weird people who live without a TV.  (But it makes arranging the living room easier!)

Are you tired of hearing me talk about ticking stripe?

No?  Good! I finished hanging my ticking stripe curtains in the breakfast nook, but am probably not going to show photos until the mini-makeover is done.

But here is some more ticking stripe!

 I adore this skirted table that Ashley from Meet Me in Philadelphia recently sewed.  Ashley's house was just featured in the latest issue of Ivy and Piper.  She's a fellow renter, and I love that she's willing to invest some energy into decorating to make her apartment feel like home.

Jacqueline from Tokyo Jinja wrote an excellent post called "Ticking Takes the Stuffiness Out" featuring some of this apartment from Elle Decor in 1996.  Not only does this prove that ticking stripe has staying power, will you just LOOK at that Chesterfield upholstered in ticking?

My aunt did a more subtle version of ticking stripe on her parallel camelback sofas in the living room.  I took this picture two summers ago before I knew to turn off all the lights, but it is my favorite of the bunch regardless.   

On to other topics...

After posting about this easy fall display, a local blog reader, Elizabeth, sent me the above photo of her own.  It brought a big ol' smile to my face!

Speaking of smiles...
 I rarely show photos of my twins, but I just came across this one and had to post.  They're getting so big!  Almost four and things are SO much easier.  They're just at that age where holidays (and decorating for them) have become super important.  I let them talk me into a giant orange foam jack-o-lantern from Michael's to hang on our front door.  What are holidays without a little tacky decorating for the kids? 

That's all for the random tidbits today. 


  1. I agree with returning the ikat shams - but I love the blue and white pillowcases and don't think you need to pull the gold up to the top of the bed. And I am still writing about ticking too - 3 posts later. Gotta get on a new topic! But I do love my ticking! Photo of the breakfast nook soon please!

  2. Where to begin? There's so much here, I guess that I'll just dive right in and squeal over your beautiful bedroom set up. Great color choices. And you have to know I'm digging your mix of prints.

    Regarding ticking stripes, thanks for the love for my skirted table. So glad you like it!! You'll have to check out the projects I'm planning to share next week--permanent changes to a non-permanent home. Get excited!

    And your girls? How absolutely gorgeous are they? And blue-eyed blondes, too! Adorable.

  3. your girls are soooo sweet and adorable!!! and i love the peek into the bedroom- don't get rid of the blanket!

  4. oh my gosh are they cute?! and i LOVE ticking stripe too. i think it looks good on the most unintuitive pieces!

  5. Your girls are SO DARN CUTE!!!! I can only imagine how much easier things are getting now that they are a bit older...not that things are ever easy, but you know what I mean. :)

  6. I LOVE the sneak peak of your master bedroom! Can't wait to see the rest of it. And I too adore ticking stripe- always have! It is so classic. Your twins are so adorable- love those smiles :)

  7. Your girls are beautiful! Love those sweet little faces. (And, yes, I agree about the tacky holiday decorating.)

    Your bedroom looks like something out of a magazine already. I just love your sense of style. Why you ever thought you needed my help is beyond me! :)

  8. Your girls are too cute, Camille!! Seriously! Also, I really like the idea of ikat thrown in your bedroom mix! It has the little wheels turning in my brain for our bedroom. And, I love Ashley's ticking skirted table (another thing I'd like to have in our bedroom). Great post, Camille!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue/yellow combo (its my favourite too!)... please don't change the blanket! The right shams are out there waiting for you! As the upholstered headboard, depending how fancy you want to go, its not that bad. I need to put mine up on my blog, but I've just redone mine and its easy. The hardest/most tedious part is getting all the supplies together.
    PS: What cuties your girls are! you guys must be having so much fun with the decorating!

  10. Hi Camille! So I'm thinking you def CAN NOT get rid of the blanket. It's the bomb.com! I'm sure you can find a way in incorporate some gold elsewhere. Perhaps don't focus on getting it at the top of the bed, but maybe in some accessories or art or a rug....ill shed a tear if the blanket goes bye bye, though. Are you partial to red? Maybe a great vintage inspired red print for the shams. Every room needs a pop of red! And red is complimentary to yellow so the blanket will be the star if the party ( as it should be)!

    Anyway that enough of me injecting my 2 cents where it probably wasn't needed!

  11. Your twin girls are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this photo of them.
    By the way, I really like your vintage blanket! Very cool.
    I love Canadian House & Home's TV segments and didn't know about subscribing, which I'll most definitely do!

  12. First things first, your girls are so pretty and I love learning more about you (people say the same to me because I never shared family photos for a while - took me a while to get comfortable with that). And I really like those shams that you had on your bed - was it too busy for you or you just thought it was too much? It looks great and quite the great mix of pattern. I'm actually contemplating a ticking stripe for a local client of mine - it's classic. you really can't go wrong. Great stuff Camille!

  13. What sweeties! I totally get the bed reno, if it doesn't feel right, just keep tweaking it! I've made way too many headboards in my time, but none for this house! Let me know if you want help:)


  14. Your girls are so adorable! It is great to see the family behind the blogger..thanks for taking the risk :)
    Love the ticking, and you should absolutely try making a headboard! Wish we were there to help you- we are wild about them!
    xo Nancy

  15. Four is MAGIC!! Your girls are soooo precious!!! And I love a ticking stripe ... ;-)

  16. OK.....lets back up here. I love those shams! Maybe not for your room but they are cool....just a thought what about shams with brown....brown, navy and gold is a good combination. Then I am all over ticking right now...and your girls are adorable!

  17. Your twin girls are beautiful! I have twin boys who will be four in March.


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