Thursday, October 4, 2012

Seven Common Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Ever take pictures of your house only to be disappointed by the results?  Today, I'm guest posting at Powell Brower Home on the next part of my Composing Photos Series.

Click here to check out the seven common photography mistakes to avoid. 

Disclaimer:  my own blog, especially in the beginning, is full of these mistakes!


  1. thank you camille, you really are helping us learn little by little. i love these foolproof steps!!

  2. I was out cruising around the blogosphere and came upon your guest post on my own. As big as it is, it's still a small world.

  3. Love, love that post! I can't even tell you what a big impact you've made to my photography skills, I actually know what to do with the camera (most of the time) and I can take pictures of my kids that I like, not with that awful flash-dark-halo around them:)

    HomeGoods date soon?


  4. Camille, Camille, Camille...what can I say? You've done it again. That was SUCH a great post. I'm guilty of committing every. single. one of those mistakes. I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm learning so much. Thanks to you I just learned about PicMonkey. I had no idea it even existed until your article. You just saved me some major dough since I was about to purchase photoshop. You have seriously helped me feel more confident in taking better pictures for my blog.

  5. Would love to have you take more pictures of my house now that we know to turn the lights OFF--so everything doesn't look yellow!

    1. Auntie, so funny you mentioned that. I have written and saved an upcoming post showing a photo of your (yellow) living room and mentioned that very thing.

  6. Great is definitely a learning curve here....I look back over my old photos on the blog and cringe!

  7. Thanks Camille! Im going around practicing and will post some before and after shots- you're so helpful and giving. We love you!

  8. Love these posts! Thank you for sharing this great advice.


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