Monday, October 29, 2012

Hard at work!

Together with my neighbor and business partner, Wendy, I am in full-steam-ahead-mode getting ready for the Alameda Point Antiques Faire -- the largest antiques flea market in Northern California -- this Sunday!

Here's a small peek at our studio space which is an outbuilding in our shared backyard.  (Wendy is my downstairs duplex neighbor.)  We're doing our best to get it organized so that we can be productive in our limited free time as stay-at-home moms.  Pegboard has gone up along one wall of the main room.  On the opposite wall, we plan to paint and rip up the carpet to make a photo studio space.

Currently, we have to drag our latest projects out into the yard or into one of our apartments for a photo shoot.  It's not much fun and because of it, we have missed taking a lot of photos of things which have since sold.  We have iphone pics, like the one above, but no quality photos.  Sad :(

Still, here are some photos of things that sold before we were able to take pictures with the good camera:
Clockwise from left:  suitcase table created from vintage suitcase and vintage furniture legs, linen pillow cover and squirrel pillows made of vintage fabric, vintage oil painting on canvas that we cleaned and re-stretched, striped whale pillow.

Clockwise from top left:  screen display for our vintage flash cards which sold before we sold a single flashcard!, napkins made from vintage tablecloth, bushel basket on stand, animal silhouettes in thrifted frames.

We also just finished a custom job for one our clients:

 This mission rocker is the real deal, but had been sitting on a front porch for eons until an acquaintance gave it to us.  Our client spotted it in our studio and asked that we paint it olive.  We refurbished the spring cushion before reupholstering it in an outdoor fabric.  Our client wanted quiet colors for her front porch, which is where we hope the rocker will sit for another eon at least!  (This really speaks to our business philosophy -- the rocker might have been sent to the dump, but has plenty of life left in it with a bit of sprucing up!)

Now for the better photos.   Here's a sneak peek of our latest projects which we plan to take to the antiques faire this weekend:

HUGE painted mirror
More animal silhouette art -- this one made from an reclaimed cabinet door.

horse pillow
vintage faux bamboo brass serving tray
We also have a huge selection of succulent gardens in these sculptural white bowls
This is just the tip of the iceberg -- they're simply the photos I managed to take today.   I still need to get a ton of photos of some of our bigger pieces of furniture before we sell those this weekend.  Quite an eclectic mix, don't you think?

To add to the work, there was the Halloween costume to make.

Twin B's dragon costume came ready made, but when my twin A spied this devil costume at the store and INSISTED on having it, I told her we'd get it, but change it into a butterfly costume.  She was ok with the idea, so off came the devil horns on the headband and on went antennae.  I had the make the wings from scratch.  Thank goodness for cardboard, construction paper, pom-poms and hot glue!

Whew!  I'll be back tomorrow with a gratuitously cute post of the past four Halloweens with my young uns.

Are you all prepared for the big day?  Ready to get your sugar-high on?


  1. Are you kidding me with that tray?! And I love those animal silhouettes. What good stuff! And the twins looks too cute - can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. Wish I was closer and could come to the antique fair...sounds awesome! Love your stuff.

    I used to call mine Twin A & B also...brings back memories! Adorable! Very clever how you transformed the devil costume.

  3. You've been busy - i can't wait to hear about the antiques market. Sheila was going to be a butterfly this year but she switched it up to a kitty cat which is fine with me - just needed ears and the tail. Good luck getting ready - you guys really have a wide variety and great selection.

  4. I love that organized workspace and all that annie sloane chalk paint. The re-purposed cabinet door with a simple silhouette is so cute. L O V E the girls costumes! How funny that you made a butterfly costume starting with a devil...very cute!!

  5. Hi Camille...I am coming to the Alameda Flea this Sunday for the first time! I want to be sure to stop by your booth to meet you and check out all your cool stuff! Let me know how and where to find you...


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