Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cow Skull

Georgia O'Keefe's Cow Skull with Calico Roses

Maybe it's because I grew up in New Mexico, or maybe it's because Georgia O'Keefe happens to be one of my favorite painters.  Maybe I just like the idea of adding a little edge to my place.  No matter, my sisters got tired of hearing me yammer on about buying a cow skull every time I go home to visit family.

And while they shake their heads in wonder (why would anyone want a cow skull?), they looked past that to give me exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

Thanks, Sisters! Love you!


  1. Happy Birthday my friend!
    Funny story...I grew up with a cow skull head in our living room. I was always fasinated with how the different bones connected and that was the first sign my mom told me she knew I was going to go into biology. What do you know 10 years later I majored in Biochem.
    Miss You!

  2. That looks great! I am going to NM for the first time in a couple weeks. Can't wait.

  3. Love it Camille! Happy Birthday! When is it?? Mine was just last week!

  4. Happy Birthday, blog friend! And I agree with that cow skull being awesome... maybe it has something to do with living most of my life on the Kansas prairie... hot, dry, dusty and cowboy-infested (like NM, I assume).

  5. Fabulous! Love it! Happy birthday!

  6. Well Happy Birthday....and I have wanted one for ages but they are so dang expensive around here! Yours looks great!

  7. Love it! And I so did not get when you told me your sister gave it to you that it was for your birthday. So sorry I missed it! I should have taken you for lunch when we were at the SFDC the other day. Next time, we will stay for lunch and it will be on me.

  8. yay! Yay for your cow skull!

    Georgia OKeefe and her studies of skulls have influenced my aesthetic so much. Hers aren't the same as the lodgey antler feel. There's something very parched and rugged about them and the aesthetic surrounding those paintings and sketches. And ps, You have really really fabulous sisters!!!


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