Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Coming Up for Air

I spent part of the weekend here for a wedding, but I wasn't a guest. 

The Claremont Hotel
 The Claremont Hotel is right up the street from where we live.   I was there to install the flowers for a wedding.

quick iphone pic
I work part-time as a freelance floral designer.  This was one of two weddings over the weekend that my talented friend Laura Miller contracted me to help with.  People think that playing with flowers all day long is dreamy work.  And it is.  But it's also really grueling physically.  Not only are you on your feet for 9 hours at a time, there is also lot of heavy lifting and carrying of buckets and arrangements.  It's a good workout, that's for sure!

Then on Sunday, my business partner Wendy and I took some of our refurbished and upcycled pieces to our neighborhood elementary school's craft fair.  Again, more heavy lifting and carrying!

quick iphone pic
I was really looking forward to styling a shot of this finished faux inlay mirror for our website, Claremont Finders Keepers (getting an idea where our business name comes from?), but it got snapped up before I had a chance. Not that I'm complaining! :) Here it is in its new owner's home, ready to be placed above the fireplace you see in the reflection.  Wish I had a before pic.  In its former life, the mirror was a very plain maple dresser mirror.

So now I'm coming up for air and taking lots of ibuprofen.  If I haven't returned your email or been to visit your blog in awhile, please accept my apology!

Not sure how much posting I'll be able to do in the next couple of weeks.  After this weekend's craft fair, we are having to scramble to build up our inventory for the Alameda Point Antiques Faire on Nov. 4th.   We'll be sharing a booth again with Lane from Urban Orchard Interiors.   Will let local readers know our booth number soon.

Now, how was your weekend?  Anyone need to take ibuprofen on Monday?


  1. At our flower shop we just call it "candy".

    And you just reminded me I need to take another 2 candies right now.

    xo Jane

  2. i'll take 2 candies! janie, you so funny.

    we stayed at the claremont a few times while visiting our son at college.
    it is gorgeous!

  3. I spent a year at a flower shop and agree...it is long days on your feet and some heavy buckets of water with flowers that you lug around! I still do it for events/wedding whenever I get the chance because for all the work it is still fun! Love that mirror you did, it would look great in any home!
    Too bad ibuprofen is off limits for this preggo, or I'd be taking it...we're in the middle of sanding drywall!

  4. Well now you're bringing back some great memories for me...love that area where the Claremont is (lived there for about 10 months back in the 70's, yes I'm that old...lived near Piedmont something? can't remember).

    Anyway, the mirror is gorgeous and the wedding flowers too!

  5. Oh my gosh Camille! I had no idea how busy you have been! I think you need a good stiff cocktail at the Claremont bar. By the way, the mirror is beautiful and I can see why someone bought it so quickly. The flowers look lovely too. I can't believe you have to turn around and get ready for our booth at the flea market too (it's freaking me out a little how quickly it's coming up). I think we are Q2 this time around but I haven't gotten the paperwork from them yet. Looking forward to it although my back isn't!


  6. Whew, I bet you're exhausted but all fun stuff. The Claremont Hotel looks really pretty. I knew that mirror would get snatched up right away.

  7. I guess it's better to be busy doing something you love than busy doing something you don't (and, judging by your arrangements and the mirror, you are talented too!). Speaking of the mirror, it's no surprise at all that it sold quickly.

    Take your time coming back to us. In the meantime, good luck working towards your next sale! I'm sure it will be a rousing success!

  8. Nice to have you back! And the mirror is fantastic! The summer offer still stands :-)

  9. I have never seen that hotel; wow it is spectacular! I love that faux inlay mirror! Ive got to get that stencil, it is fabulous. I hope you take it easy and pace yourself! Have a good weekend.
    xo Nancy

  10. The Claremont is one of my favorite places on earth. Chris and I used to frequently grab a drink at Paragon. How I miss the view from the deck!


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