Friday, April 6, 2012

The Twins' Room Details

So this is a long one, You All.  I thought about breaking it up into two posts, but better to get it over with. 

If you care, read on!  If you don't, I don't blame you.  Just skip on to another blog! :)

Let's start with the beds.

Painted twin beds.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite with a coat of ASCP wax.

They came from my grandmother.  My mom and aunt slept in them in high school, but before that, they were purchased at an estate sale, according to Mom.  I love that my little ones will sleep in the same beds as their grandmother and great-aunt.

I did the unthinkable and painted the beds.  But so happy I did because I am such a lover of black and they had seen better days.  I jumped on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint bandwagon, mostly because I knew I could not endure all of the detailed sanding and priming otherwise required of normal paint. 

In this picture, you can see how off-center from the window the beds had to be arranged -- the only possible arrangement for the room because of doorways.  So I used the ol' curtain-hanging trick to fool the eye into believing the left bed was centered on the window. 

Ikea Ritva curtains and Ikea rods.  Blinds are from Home Depot.
The curtains are Ikea Ritva.  In Heather's design, she originally called for using curtains in a natural linen with green walls.  But since I wasn't able to paint the walls (unless my kids where to be kidnapped for a few days) I decided to go with white.  I have the same white Ritva curtains in every other room, so little continuity never hurts.

Speaking of curtains, I love this graphic found on Pinterest.

Same size window, differently hung curtains via
It really helps to illustrate what a difference it makes to hang curtains high and wide in a room.  As soon as I put the curtains up in my girls' room, and all over the house for that matter, I was shocked at how it changed the space to feel taller, wider, and more finished.  Mom was watching my girls in the backyard while I was putting up the curtains, and she too was shocked when she came in to see the newly hung curtains.   It's one reason to choose Ikea curtains.  I don't even hem them.  I just hang them as high as they'll go.

Smith and Hawken chalkboard basket from Target

We already had the baskets.  My mother-in-law bought them for us to help contain the mess in the playroom, so when all the toys got moved back into this room, I knew the baskets would be perfect for toys too big for the cubbies.  We've had them for half a year and they've held up well.  Very sturdy. 

And actually, I'm using them for my first client -- an entry way that I designed and am going to finish installing tomorrow.  So excited to show you pictures!

Bedding from mixed sources.  See below.

That little elephant on the right was the very first thing I purchased for my girls.  I had just had my first ultrasound which showed only one baby.  Excited, I stopped at a little shop on the way home from the hospital and this elephant spoke to me.  Had I known there were actually two babies (which I didn't find out about until I was four months along!!) I'm quite sure I would never have stopped at the shop.  Because that kind of information knocks you off your feet. 

I already had the navy comforters (Walmart), the white coverlets (Ikea), the yellow throw pillows (Amazon) and the yellow matlasse shams (from my grandmother's bed).  The little pillow on the left was made by my aunt.  Heather picked out the block print shams (West Elm) to tie everything together.  She actually choose a smaller pattern, but they weren't in stock when I went to buy them.  Heather gave me permission to use these instead. :)

Speaking of Heather, I think she really nailed my style and the function of this room in her design board.  The girls' room is not too girlie because I really do prefer a masculine feel in my decorating.  Plus, one of my girls is very much a tom boy and would hate anything too pink or purple or frilly. 

Heather also knew that this room doubles as our guest room since it is only one of two rooms in the apartment.  When guests come, the girls get booted (don't  feel sad for them, they get to sleep in little travel beds on the floor of Mommy and Daddy's room and they LOVE it!).  So I wanted the room to feel someone appropriate for guests.

I made the mirror with a craft store wreath form (the flat kind, particle board kind) a craft store mirror, some rope, and a glue gun.  I don't love how it is hung, but I needed something that absolutely wouldn't come off the wall in a Bay Area earthquake.   (In a recent earthquake, we had two pictures fall.)  You can't see it in the photo, but the wire clips securely into special picture hanger, it's not just hanging there ready to jump off. 

After the mirror was up, I decided the bed part of the room needed more child-like whimsy and color (there's a lot of color on the other side of the room).  Mom suggested butterflies so I cut out these guys from colorful magazine pages and stuck them on with painter's tape.

Cubby units are from Walmart.   Rug is from Crate and Barrel.

Speaking of color on the other side of the room.  I already had one cubby unit and the green and red bins, which matched the bedding from my girls' nursery.  I knew I would need more toy storage when I moved all the toys back into here from the playroom, so I bought a second cubby unit.  They hold so much -- more than you wold think.  Fran convinced me in this post

I'd love to do something a tad toned down from the red and green. So I'll probably slowly be purchasing other bins or baskets.   Maybe something like this:


The map was in our playroom.   The spice drawers are now used to hold dress-up jewelry, but they once belonged to my great-great grandmother. The silhouettes are of my Godson and his sister.

Also from my Godson's mother are these Babar prints which she gifted to my girls when they were born.  They inspired the yellow in this room. 

She glued the small pom-poms to the mat before framing.  Clever and cute!

We already had the dresser which I painted before starting the blog and which came from family friends.  I still want to change out the knobs for the ones Heather suggested.  The lamp, which is a family piece, was given to me by my aunt, who also made the the fairy prints you see here.  Wish I had taken a better close-up.  A post for another day because she covered the mats with pretty coordinating fabric.

The fabric on top of the dresser is a hand-stitched quilt/playmat that my mother-in-law gave to us.  My husband and his brother both played on it as babies, and so did my girls.  It is a cherished thing!  I originally had it hanging over one of the beds, which you can see in the before picture, but there wasn't enough room when I hung the curtains, so here it is.

And there you have it.  Long and drawn out, but all the details.  Which I gave to you because some of you asked.  And I had to confess how dang cheap I am.  There's no high/low in the newly purchased stuff.  Just low.

Also, I wanted to give you the details because it is important to me to decorate with vintiques -- vintage and antique objects which have history and meaning. 

Now you know how this blog got its name.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I loved reading all about the room! Great post. My girls sleep in the same beds my sister and I used and my dad before us. I love that history too. You did such a great job. :)

  2. What a great post, Camille! Love hearing the "stories" about your pieces and your thought process in arranging the room.
    Ikea is on my list to hit for some drapes soon -- Mom Cave and dining room are both in dire need and I think you've hit the nail on the head for me!
    Happy EAster!
    xo Heidi

  3. I hope you will help with Pebble's room. It is a big mess right now! I big pile of accumulated hand me down baby things. I open the door and feel overwhelmed! I love the girl's room!

  4. Camille- As I said in a previous comment, painting the beds was genius. It gives the room the perfect fresh modern but vintage base to work from. Like you, I love objects to have meaning and histories and you have managed to fold in so many stories just beautifully here!

  5. Love all the details. It really turned out great and has way more charm than a typical child's room design. I need some advice when you come in April! Can't wait to see the entry way for your client.

  6. Again, you did a fabulous job. I realized I asked if your twins were girls - duh - if I read carefully I would of seen it on the first line.

    Congrats on your first client!

  7. I love it Camille!!! I've had a few cans of the AS chalk paint and have been dying to find time to use them. I love how the beds turned out!

    Happy Easter!

  8. So nice when you can do a makeover with things you have on hand. I love that!

    I have those same drapes, they're fabulous. Now I wish I'd bought more of them!!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my project.

    Have a great week,


  9. It looks sooooo good! I knew those were the Ritva curtains ;-) I was impressed by the quality of Ikea's curtain fabric - not at all like most "cheap" curtains, and being 118" long is sooooo great for imitating custom!Still love those butterflies, and the family history connection with the beds is beyond awesome.

  10. I think you did a wonderful job with this shared room. I'm working on a shared bedroom project right now for two girls and it's always inspiring to find other shared room images. And this looks like a nicely collected room too - great job! I found you through My Many Moments.

  11. Great post, I read every word:) We have that same Olin rug from C&B, love it.


  12. This looks awesome, Camille. Love the black beds.

  13. I'm in love with what you've done with their room!! Serious transformation..

  14. I'm in love with what you've done with their room!! Serious transformation..


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