Monday, March 19, 2012

Flowers from the Weekend

Did you all celebrate St. Patrick's Day this weekend?

We have had five days of non-stop rain (much needed) in the Bay Area, so it's been feeling a bit like 
green Ireland around here.

I had to laugh when I saw these potted shamrocks at Trader Joe's last week.  They're awfully cute, but Trader Joe's made the mistake of including the botanical name for these shamrocks --oxalis.  It reminded me we have oxalis growing in our yard for free.  In this part of the country, oxalis is a weed.  Is it in yours?

So I came home, grabbed a few handfuls of weeds in the driveway and put them in my own pot.

 Take that, Trader Joe's!

I've never really taken much notice of St. Patrick's Day until my kiddos came along.

Though I didn't take any pictures, a leprechaun did make his way into our house through the kitchen window on Friday night.  He left a trail of green glitter along the counter, where he got into the cookies, dumped over the oatmeal canister, and then hid two pots of gold ( foil wrapped chocolates) behind the other canisters.

Oddly, what got the most attention was the green colored water in the toilet bowl (green food coloring).  My girls still can't get over that the leprechaun had to "go potty" before he left our house. 


Saturday evening, I got a knock on the back door.  My friend, Monica, was standing there, holding these. 

An enormous bucket packed full of sweet peas from her flower shop in San Francisco!  Just because she knows I love them.

I've been meaning to do a post on Monica's shop.  Got to do that because it is the teensiest, tiniest, cutest little flower shop you've ever seen. 

Monica is insanely talented.  And she is such a great friend.  The kind that if you casually mention you can't get the kids together because everyone in the house is sick, you'll find chicken noodle soup on the back porch twenty minutes later. 

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd arrange the sweet peas in these canisters that used to sit on my grandmother's counter.  I'm loving these green glass vessels for arranging flowers lately.  They really intensify the color of the flower.

Sweet peas are so, so gorgeous.  Delicate and fluffy and feminine .

They smell wonderful too.  Wish you could sniff them through the screen.  

Hope you all had a pinch-free weekend.


  1. I wish I could smell them as well. Lovely, lovely, lovely. And how fun is the visit from the leprechaun?

  2. We were sorta lame about st pattys day this year... no green, no celebrating. but we had a good day anyway, so I'm not complaining. I could definitely see myself making more of an effort if we had kids though.

    lol about the leprechaun potty!

  3. I love that you had a leprechaun visit. Such cute ideas. I know my son would have loved it if I did something like that--never even thought of it.


  4. Oh, my. I'm loving all of the color in this post (not to mention the hilarity from the leprechaun "going potty"). While I'm not big on St. Patrick's Day, I do appreciate the fact that it heralds the eminent start of spring!

    BTW, THANK YOU for tagging me on the 12 questions post...I'm so behind and will try to get to it soon.

  5. Ummm, how on earth did you come with leprechaun pee? It's pretty funny I have to admit.

  6. Look at that green glass Camille. I looove them! Sometimes weeds make the prettiest arrangements.
    Your mantle vignette looks fantastic. I love the orchid.

  7. How cute is that idea of the leprechaun going potty and the sweat peas are stunning and your right very them.

  8. There is NOTHING better than fresh flowers and I LOVE the idea of fresh shamrocks! How wonderful - enjoy your Monday, Thanks for sharing - Jalon

  9. You are a genius! I love it - leprechaun pee. I'm sure that was a huge hit!! And everyone needs a Monica in their lives. :) How sweet of her, and those flowers are insanely beautiful!! Sweet Peas (and peonies) are my absolute favorite. I can smell them from here!! Enjoy girlfriend!!

  10. I'm so glad you're using the green canisters for flowers. They were really too small for flour and sugar.

    I never knew that the leprechauns made home visits. Your girls are obviously very special!

  11. absolutely gorgeous sweet peas. Your green canisters are perfect for them. And I think your "shamrocks" are way cuter than Trader Joes!

  12. Oh my GOSH I love those green canisters! And it made me realize, those deep green Depression-era Sandwich glass pieces I have collected since I was a twerp don't have to wait until Christmas to reappear! What a dork to never think of it until now!

  13. Ha! Love the lil leprechaun story, what a cute and clever idea. We did nothing, we're boring these days :(
    Those pink flowers are so pretty and just perfect in those green jars, I want them!

  14. Those containers are so pretty and I am going through a green phase right now so I particularly love them! They really do set off the color in the Sweet Peas. What a sweet friend you have! Also, Camille, I love your idea about brainstorming each others problem rooms. We should definitely do an idea exchange sometime. What are your mornings like with the girls? Maybe we could do coffee sometime...

  15. Those are gorgeous....and love the green and pink together....nice to have a friend in the floral bus.....

  16. Ah, sweet peas! Love them. So pretty in the green cups too.


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