Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look Alikes V

Purrrty stripes...



 I have to disclose that I got the idea for my occasional Look Alike posts from Nicole of the blog

Nicole is an artist living in Washington D.C. and she begins the week with a "Monday Match" post, where in her words,

"I post an image of an interior that reminds me of a work of art either in its palette, composition or mood."

Here's one of my favorite editions of Monday Match.
photo credit: Jean-Marc Palisse. Designer ?
Frida Kahlo, Le Due Frida

Here is what Nicole wrote about her choice for the match:

This room reminds me of Kahlo's painting not only because of the obvious references to human organs, but also because of the mirror as a symbol of self reflection, and the two chairs (red and blue) as stand-ins for the two sides of oneself. I also like that Kahlo's palette is a keyed-up version of the interior's palette, and that both images include a set of outstretched hands.

If you are thinking, Yeah, but Camille, your Look Alike posts are imbecilic compared to Nicole's, then you are correct.

If you enjoy interiors, arts, and smarts, you should check out Nicole's blog.


  1. I love a cabana going to have to traipse over to Nicole's spot and check it out. Thanks for the heads up...k

  2. What a cool idea! I just checked out Nicole's blog and am now following her. Thanks for the tip!


  3. Thank you, Camille! You are too funny! And for the record, I think your matches are superb!

  4. I love your matches and Nicole's so I'll go check out her blog. I love to see the inspiring connections between interiors and art.

  5. What an interesting use of inspiration of Frida Khalo's painting dahhling..

  6. Hardly imbecilic! Adore your posts, Camille!


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