Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leah and Stephane's Dining Room

  My friends Leah and Stephane just bought a classic row house in San Francisco and have asked me for help with their dining room.

This is their entry, which I think is a good example of their eclectic, worldy decorating style.  She grew up in New Mexico, though we didn't become friends until after moving here.  He hails from Senegal, and in addition to having lived in Paris, both have collected items from their extensive world travels.

This is Leah and Stephane's dining room, looking out toward the bay windows in the back of the house.  The overall goal is to finish up the room while cozying it up a bit.   Wouldn't hanging high curtains between the windows achieve that goal?

Here is their new dining table from Eq3.  I love modern furniture paired with classic architecture.

The original thought was to put a rug under the dining table to provide contrast between the floor and the table legs, which are almost the same ebony color.  But the irregular shape of the bay window makes that difficult.

Instead, Leah and Stephane have chosen these red leather chairs from Crate and Barrel. I think it's a great choice to warm up the space.   Plus, there are touches of red throughout the house.

 Looking back from the table there is a niche, in which they plan to build a storage cabinet near the bottom and shelves above for a small library.

Notice the green leather chair that belonged to Leah's grandfather: 
 Do they not have some fabulous furniture and art?  Most art pieces in the house are original.

The red and green chairs might drive the color palette of the room.

Something like this:

Although, Leah also sent me this picture of some lavender sachets she bought as another possible color palette.

Centered in the middle of the room is this fireplace.
Because the bay window prevents rug placement under the dining table, we have planned to center a 5x8 rug in the middle of the room near the fireplace to cozy things up a bit.

Here are some possible contenders.
Source: via Camille on Pinterest
Source: via Camille on Pinterest

 Across from the fireplace and to the left is this wall.

We're going to move the above table across the way where the chair and plant now live and replace it with with this buffet,  which I found on Craigslist.

I sent Leah and Stephane this picture of a tag sale buffet recently redone by the talented
Fran of Green Street

Leah and Stephane bought the buffet the next day.
Here's Leah being a good girl and wearing a mask and safety goggles while she sands. 

Back to the dining room.
We're also thinking about a chandelier or a pendant over the dining room table, but haven't 
gotten that far yet.

So, my fellow design lovers, do you have any suggestions?  Curtain color, lighting, general arranging?  

Also, if you haven't entered the art print giveaway, you can do that here.  Tomorrow is the last day to enter.


  1. what an awesome place to work with! I love the sachets and think those colors would look fabulous worked in. Can't wait to see more!

  2. The buffet is a great choice for that wall and will provide style AND function! Don't you love it? If you go with the green and cream rugs, I would pull some red into the fabric for the windows-- a great damask would be lovely and a nod to their time in Paris. I'm picturing an orchid in the center of the table. And grandad's chair on the rug in front of the fireplace as part of a cozy seating area for enjoying after dinner drinks in front of the fire. Since you asked. ;-) Have fun! Can't wait to see it finished!
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  3. I was thinking lime green drapes like in that post you did about a month ago...until you showed the red chairs. Might be able to pull off something like Pottery Barn dupioni silk drapes in lemongrass but the rug would have to tie the two together. The PB Delphine drape brings a lot of those colors in as well and would look great with one of those graphic rugs. Their place has great bones and the color palette your working with is great so I think you've got a ton of options.

  4. I vote for rug #1....

    Its colors are timeless and I think it would hold up to wear and tear of daily life.

    I've recently had a sobering experience with a rug, won't make the mistake again:)

    xo jane

  5. Wow what a great space. I love all the light in the room. I'm loving their effortless style already and with you helping out!
    It terms of design, I would do brass rods with a grey linen drape. and the Thomas O'brien pendant I love so much, you know the one. Whatever you do, I know it will be amazing.

  6. wowza, what an amazing space! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  7. How about a fabulous graphic print for the curtains? I absolutely love those windows and that cove ceiling. What a wonderful project Camille!

  8. Love the very graphic pattern that you pinned from RoomRx. can't tell if it's a rug or fabric but it ties the red and green chairs together wonderfully. ?? Too bold for curtains or roman shades ??

    Also love their art but they need something bigger over the mantel. a mirror?

  9. Wow, what an awesome space to work with! Equally awesome are the furniture and art- lucky you! That green chair is such a perfect jumping off point. Your choices are right on track- can't wait to see it finished..

  10. What a fun project - it looks like they have some amazing stuff to work with! I really liked the first fabric you showed - it's a bit ethnic, but can also pull off modern - very cool. I'd go with that as inspiration. Whatever you choose will be amazing! Looking forward to their floors too...

  11. I can't wait to see what you pull together. Keep us posted on the finished product.

  12. Why not move the table to the middle of the room in front of the fireplace? Then the rug can be used. Swap out the table on the wall facing the fireplace - the one with crossed legs - with the buffet. I like the first rug shown and think draperies in a pattern like the one from would be awesome. Pattern on pattern.

  13. How fun!! Love that you get to work with eclectic and meaningful items! This will turn out just gorgeous! I can definitely see a chandelier above the table! Can't wait to see more!

  14. How funny, I was just going to write you to see if you had a pinterest, now to follow you :) My thoughts on the place would be to do valances on the top of the three window in maybe a linen, or a velvet the same exact color as the wall OR possibly a fabric covered roller shade that they can give the room some warmth but, keep the natural light. Since there on an upper floor I wouldn't do much drapery unless they wanted a more high end feel. Which I would totally hang high curtains, something with a thick material. I love the first rug you picked out it's stunning and the fabric is perfection. The buffet, seriously SO cool! Hope your well!

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  16. Actually scratch the roller shades...;)

    oh and I would accessories with a pair of foo dogs sprayed in high gloss red paint.

  17. have your hands full there...I love all of their eclectic finds and love the thought of the traditional rug with some of their more modern pieces. Can't wait to see how you guide them....

  18. Oh I just LOVE their place, the bay windows and that fireplace. As usual your advice is pro Camille, I'm loving that first rug the most but I can see the other ones working too...perfect by the fireplace and the buffet is so unique, sucha great find. How about a modern lantern style pendant over the dining table, so many options...this place is fun!


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