Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Post by Design Shuffle

I'm delighted today to welcome Design Shuffle for a guest post on using rhythm in design.  

Hi, I’m Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social media site where design lovers and interior designers from around the world share their design projects and inspiration. It is also a great place to learn about design from styles to fundamentals of the craft. One of the fundamental elements of interior design is creating rhythm in a space.  Contrast adds a dynamic element; rhythm creates balance and symmetry.  Here are 8 rooms that use rhythm in décor. Hope you can use some of these decorating ideas to add rhythm and movement to your interior spaces. Thanks for letting Design Shuffle and me guest blog for 
The Vintique Object. Enjoy! 

Colonnade Architecture 
Rhythm in Décor via
Principles of art and architecture apply to interior design and décor as well.  Rhythm can be seen in this colonnade in the repetition of the arch and mosaic pattern. 

Paired Living Room Decor 
Cote de Texas via
 Pairs of things create rhythm in décor. A pair of mirrors and a pair of sculptures create balance. Repeating the throw pillow on each piece of seating also creates rhythm. 

Balanced Living Room 
DecorPad via
A balanced furniture arrangement creates rhythm. The two sofas mirror one another. Dark accents are repeated in furniture and accessories. 

Yellow Living Room Design 
Interior Groupie via
When adding a pop of color to a space, repeat that color in different interior design elements to create a unified space. The yellow in the chic chevron curtains is repeated in the throw on the sofa. 

Pendant Light Design 
Chic Coastal Living via
The trio of pendant lights has a nice rhythm.  While pairs, like the arm chairs, are commonly used to create rhythm in a space, repeating the same object can also achieve rhythm. 

Textured Bedroom Design 
My First Little Place via
Symmetry is easy to achieve in the bedroom but it is also easy to be boring. A pair of lamps, a pair of nightstands are balanced but not always dynamic. Create rhythm using textiles and color that carries throughout the room. 

White and Navy Bedroom Design 
The Lennoxx via
Bringing the navy from the wall and rug onto the bed creates a nice rhythm in this bedroom design. Switching from white on navy to navy on white is a nice way to mix up a two color palette. 

Colorful Living Room Design 
Caitlin Wilson Design via
A wall of art creates a rhythm with colors that tie in with accessories and wall color. Pulling colors from the various design elements, the art unifies the space. 

The above post was provided by Design Shuffle, a social network that allows Los Angeles interior designers to New York interior designers to showcase their portfolios and for inspiration for design enthusiasts.

What a fabulous lesson on repetition and balance!
How have you knowingly (or unknowingly?) used rhythm in your home?

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  1. Interesting concept. If I've used rhythm in my home, I'm not aware of it!


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