Friday, September 30, 2011

Art Print Giveaway Winners!

The winners of the art print giveaway from FauxKiss were comment numbers 5 and 25.  
(I'm not tech savvy enough to show the screen-shot at  Sorry!)

So, that's Jessie of Llamas and Lace, who liked this print:

Jessie recently moved to my home state of New Mexico and I'm guessing she chose this one after recently hearing elk bugle in the woods near her house.  Am I right, Jessie?

Julie turned out to be #25 after discounting a number of commentors who did not enter the giveaway.  Julie chose this one.

Congratulations to you both! I'd love to see how they turn out in your space if you get the chance!

And a special thank you to Jean for providing two prints for the giveaway.



  1. YAY!!!! Thank you SO MUCH, Camille (& FauxKiss)!!! And yes! You totally nailed my reason for choosing that print :) Once it's up at my place, I'll be sure to share!!!

  2. Lucky, them!

    I think I'll have to fly over and get my own butterfly.

    xo jane


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