Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vacation Inspiration: My Aunt's House

My aunt, the same one who flew out from New Mexico for a week to help me paint the kitchen, has a house full of beautiful antiques and an amazing art collection.

Other than some of the bookshelves on either side of the fireplace and the wingback chairs, she has not purchased any other furniture for her house as she has been lucky enough (like my mom, sisters, and me) to have had a lot of pieces handed-down.

I think this speaks the quality and timelessness of well-made furniture.  In the above photo, you can just see the two camelback sofas (my favorite living room arrangement) which she just had reupholstered in biege ticking stripe.  The sofa on the right belonged to my grandmother and the one on the left to my great-uncle.
Rather than buying a cheaply made piece of upholstery that will be thrown in the landfill in twelve years, I love the idea of buying for quality and having the piece reupholstered as the times change and the fabric wears.

This view is from the entryway into the the dining room.

My aunt had the same problem as me in the dining room with passage blocked off to the rest of the house if a rectangular table was centered under the light.  She fixed that with a round table. 

Two posts ago, I showed my parents' house and requested that several things be passed along to me.   Lest you think I seem crass for doing the same thing again, here is her comment:

Can't wait to see the list of what you want from my house! Remember that I still have a spool daybed if you don't get first dibs on your Mom's. Auntie
Ok, Auntie, happy to oblige.

1) Any of the art above the sofa. 
2)  The watercolor above the left chair outside the dining room entry.

3) Your Gustave Baumann shown here and this chest.
4) I didn't know you had an antique spool daybed!  Where is it?
Oh, but I will happily defer to my sister's wishes too.


  1. Can I be second in line for the Baumann? In fact, everything in that photo would be wonderful. Some very nice pieces your family has collected!

  2. I love the hand me down furniture as well. I have pieces from my grandparents and parents that I treasure. Those dining room chairs are fantastic!!

  3. What a gorgeous house! And how lucky of you to get some fantastic pieces handed down!!

  4. i'll take anything left over thank you.

  5. Love the dining room furniture! Everything is gorgeous and timeless! P.S. I'm on my third camelback sofa reincarnation!

  6. I can't say I blame you for taking dibs! Her home is fabulous!! I love it when a home looks so real and interesting. It't the heirlooms and the art. A look that can only genuinely be created over time.


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