Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gilded Bamboo Mirror and Problems with My Dining Room

My parents have come and gone with a load of my grandmother's belongings. For the next several weeks, I'll probably do some posting about those vintique objects.

This gilded bamboo mirror is one of my favorite things of hers, which I picked out when I was home over Christmas.

Here's a closer shot. The gilding has coppery tones.

I didn't originally intend to put the mirror in my dining room.

But this view is what we see from our couch. It is the focal point of the dining room, and I like the height the mirror adds to the space.

Here is what it looked like several months ago, right after we moved in:

The problem I'm having with this space is two-fold, well actually, tri-fold.

The first is that there is just too much dark wood in here! I'm grateful to have so many pretty antiques inherited from family (which almost all of it is,), but I feel that I can't paint much of it because most are old, quality pieces.

The second is that the centering is weird. The sideboard really needs to be centered along its wall. If I put the dining room table directly under the chandelier, it blocks the flow from the living room, through the dining room, and into the back of the house. And it blocks the sideboard and mirror as focal point from the living room.

The third is that I am no interior designer. That much is obvious.

So, I am attempting to remedy the centering situation with the round table I am working on refinishing, which is white. Not only will it bring a lighter dimension to the room, the flow around it should be easier if I center it under the chandelier. We'll see.

What else might be a solution? I'd love your input!


  1. First of all, that mirror is gorgeous! And second those lamps are gorgeous! I was thinking a round table would take care of the problem and when you aren't using it for dining you can have a collection of objects on it? More pics of your house please :)

  2. I love the mirror! It looks great. Round tables are my favorite!

  3. While round tables are great, I would pull the current table away from the window and place it under the chandelier, and add a rug underfoot for another layer to cozy up the room

  4. I looks to me in the picture that it may only block the doorway a little...but I am open to a round one also. A rug will definitely help warm that room up for sure.

  5. I love that mirror! And how special that it was your grandmothers!


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