Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feeling Rustic

Well, you all are not going to believe what I came home with today -- especially since I didn't intend to go junking. I was driving past an antique store/junk shop that I've never been in before, and since I was sans kids, I decided to take a small peak. Just a small one. I wasn't going to buy anything. Really.

Let's start with the boring and work up to the best.

This 4 foot diameter granite table top. If you are a part of my very small readership, you'll remember that I had been looking for a table for this base which I found at another junk shop for $15.

Here's a close-up. Pretty, no?

Guess how much it cost? $50! For a four foot heavy as heck, durable, granite tabletop. Hubby is out-of-town, so I am afraid I was not able to get it out of my trunk by myself. Here it will lay until he gets back. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as it's all put together.

Meanwhile, I'm going to have to figure out what to do with this solid wood one I've been painting, which I got from Craigslist for $20.

Resell it, I guess. Moving on.

Here's a pretty and small pedestal all aged from sitting out in the Northern California weather.

I like the triangular designs. There's probably a name for that -- just don't know what it is. Artichoke something-rather?
I think this will become the table to go between my bamboo chairs. (I was feeling the need for something chunky.) Just need to find a top now. Hee.

What in the heck is this thing? I have no idea, but I like it. It's made from chunks of wood all nailed together. Where have I seen this design? Help me out fellow design bloggers!

Here it is from the side, and with a book for scale.

So sculptural! Thinking about what to do with it...

And last but not least, my favorite find:

My initial guess is that it is a Spanish Revival chandelier from the 20s, but I've got more research to do on it. ( turns out to be a wonderful resource for researching.) Would you look at that weathered wood with the quatrefoil design?

Sweeping metal arms.

Crusty, aged gloriness. (Needs a rewiring, no?)

Metal acanthus leaves decorate the top.

Would you believe chandelier was hanging in a tree in the back of the shop along with goodness knows what else. See for yourself.

The chandelier reminds me of these:

wrought iron chandelier $2200


Regina Andrew Wooden Quatrefoil Chandelier $1573.00

Mine cost $25.


  1. Wow! Great finds! I love the chandelier and that sculptural piece. I think it would look great hanging by itself as a piece of art? Simplistic and natural. Camille, I thought of you the other day when I was at Target. They have really nice quality velvet pillows that are 24"by24." They come in a light blue or cream and the back is linen! I got some and they were 24 bucks each. I remember you saying you were looking to add velvet somewhere.
    Take care

  2. I love the chandelier. I also get so excited at the thought of treasure hunting!

  3. Wow what cool finds. I love that the chandelier was just hanging in a tree. Can't wait to see it all cleaned up and wired.

  4. Score! on that granite top Camille! Love the coloring (reminds me of the marble in our master closet which I love!) And that table base is great! did you ever figure out what that wood sculpture is?! that is so unusual...

    hope you had a wonderful holiday!!


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